I’ve seen some people complaining that these two are fraternal twins so they should not look identical and their designs are all wrong or w/e they’re trying to say and I just

They are not identical

At a glance they appear identical because the two of them are putting in an active effort to look identical. However, their facial structure is different, they are not the same height, and I assume that underneath all those robes they have a very different build. Eska appears to have much longer legs for a start. They are not identical!

If one of them got a haircut (as per example in the bottom) then they would look very different from each other

It is an illusion they are putting an effort into achieving, but they are not identical. They look similar because they are related, and they have pushed this further by wearing similar clothes and a similar hairstyle, but they are still fraternal twins and the art team haven’t accidentally drawn identical twins or w/e

And it’s not surprising that they are trying to make themselves look similar, it is very common for twins to have a kind of ‘us and them’ outlook on life, and it’s been revealed that these two have a sort of psychic connection. So it’s a very logical design choice.

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